The painting below is from a series entited, “Saved!”. It also Led by his desire to reconcile the two contrasting characterizations of the term “salvation”—one version depicted to him throughout his childhood, the other, based on his own quest for spiritual salvation as an adult—Jake Watling has created a series of paintings that explore what it really means to be “saved”. Combining childhood memories, the streetscape of his current environment, and religious imagery from a variety of faiths, these paintings utilize a graphic style, with a bright color palette that is formed by simplifying the given imagery and extracting colors used within the urban environment.

I don’t always that I and either as I make the painting or even motnhs later I begin to understand why I made a particular painting.

as an outlet for what I experience, think, read, and feel.

My enviornment plays a large part in my artwork, being out in the streets each day going to work, riding the train, biking, skateboarding, walking. I see so many different people living, struggling, surviving. I end up depicting many of the people or places I see. artwork helps me deal with life as an outlet for what I experience, think, read, and feel.

He forms his imagery by combining his recorded ideas and experiences with a personal language of signs and symbols. The signs and symbols take many forms, including: architecture, signage, people, animals, etc. His recent work investigates subjects such as fear, money, myth, and religion.